Maranatha Peche Sportive - Fish Species

We are fortunate to have a wide variety of pelagic fish that we can catch during our fishing trips.

  • Blue Marlin

    The blue marlin can be captured all year round.  But the best period is from october to April.  The biggest specimen caught in mauritius is of 1434 lbs.  Most marlins caught are around 200 - 500 lbs.

  • Black Marlin

    The Black Marlin is a great fighter.  It can be caught all year round.  But the best period is during summer.  The average weight caught is of 400 pounds.

  • White fine and Black fine shark

    The black fine and the white fine shark can mesure up to 3 meters.  The skin colour goes from dark gray to a white belly.  This shark live in groups.  They can sometimes be seen at the surface and can be found at up to 800 meters.  This kind of shark lives near reefs and under water cliffs where fish is aboundant.  They can be catch during all the year and the weight may vary from 100 - 300 pounds.

  • Baracuda

    The baracuda is a great predator which lives close to the reef.It can be catch all the year round

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